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 "With my art I want to show people their true potential and show them that 
The impossible = being able to make possible. " 


"We humans dream of a life according to our own ideas. We have special wishes and strive for happiness, love, health, or even financial freedom and success. 


But what keeps us people from shaping life according to our own ideas? 


With the messages behind my artworks I show in a scientific, rational and logically comprehensible way what knowledge and skills we need to create new realities. How we can take our lives in new directions. 


Are you ready for the master key that will open all doors for you?"

Kobransky is an artist with an impressive background. From a young age, Kobransky prefers to live out his creative potential rather than spend his time in the classroom. He taught himself to play the piano at the age of 16, and at the age of eighteen he left school without graduating and devoted himself entirely to music. He was able to achieve success with various musical productions and in March 2017 began to expand his creative repertoire with painting and sculpture. His first solo exhibition was in Berlin, where he presented large-scale portraits of music legends, was a big success.

Despite his only short creative period, Kobransky has already found collectors from all over the world, such as Monaco, New York, London, Hong Kong and Berlin. Among them are well-known names in the music industry, conductors, music producers, prominent football players and art lovers. He has presented his works in various exhibitions internationally.

Kobransky was born in Germany in 1992 and lives in Berlin.

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